Reflection 2

In our final presentation, we will talk about the outline first, then I will ask everyone whether they have heard about CSR before as the hook. After gaining attention, we’ll first introduce Carroll’s pyramid of social responsibility and explain the meaning of each level. Then Lisa will talk about why she support CSR’s theory and how CSR will benefit the people and entrepreneurs. Next, I will share my standpoint and explain why I oppose CSR and why it is not good for Taiwan’s society.

The way we design our PowerPoint this time is to put pictures and key words to indicate our thoughts. Because we saw how Steve Jobs present Apple’s latest product last time, and he only use one picture, one word or number in a slide. This will make audience know the point at once and will put attention on the speaker. We think this is a good idea but we have to improve the way we do presentation first.

From self-examination and peers’ comments, we know that the biggest problem in our presentation last time is that we are not doing well on turning slides with Prezi, and we have less body language and eye contact with the audience. Both of us want to make a change at our last presentation, and we plan to start our preparation two weeks before the formal presentation. Also, we need to rehearsal in order to know whether there is a problem that needs to modify.

Another thing I learned from the class last week is that presenters shouldn’t expect listeners to ask questions actively, we should prepare questions for audiences or ask someone to ask questions privately before the presentation. We have to put everything under control. Another concept that similar to this is we have to prepare plan B, because we don’t know whether our original plan is going to work or not. There are many variables like microphones, computers, we don’t know these variables will normal or not, but we can prepare a plan B to redeem the accident.

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