Reflection 1

  Lisa and I already make out the direction of our essay in the beginning, but our essay is still not convincing enough. In our first and second annotation, we mainly use the materials from Carroll, whom is a professor of business and economics, so we decide to find more materials to support our contention.
  The trunk of our essay still based on the pyramid of CSR by Carroll, which included economics, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities, and we will add other related theories in the later essays and revised version.
  When hearing other groups’ problem, we have come up with questions about questions like why corporate social responsibility become a popular trend through the capitalistic world? Why would people want firms to take responsibilities on the environment or even the humanitarian issues? What is the initial purpose of CSR? Does every entrepreneurs who “seem” to fulfill the expectation really appreciate the theory?
Maybe our article can not only focus on the theory itself but also how scholars, businessmen, governments, publics think about CSR.

As for other groups, I think:
1.    Robert & Knot: About your second annotation, since ECFA has many aspects that will do harm or bring advantages to Taiwan’s society, maybe you can discuss more issues about ECFA, not just focused on one problem. Apart from this, I think you’re doing very fine, not many people in our generation would want to discuss this kind of issue. I’m looking forward to your final essay.

2.  Tim C & Tim K: Actually I quite not understand your topic, but after your report and reading your annotation, I think your point is clear and it’s good to link your topic to some social issues. But maybe you can come up with more examples and quote other scholars articles to strengthen your point.

3.    Tony & Alison: Human Flesh Search is really a dilemmatic issue, it help us to find the target more quickly but inevitably harm the target’s right at the same time. The normal procedure in Taiwan can protect the suspect, but the efficiency is not very good. If we accept Human Flesh Search as a legal method to find the suspect, how will it effects our society? Can you come up with some ideas to modify Human Flesh Search to let it become more acceptable?

4.    Phoebe & Niki: The topic about show girls is really novel! Why do people think show girl is not a proper occupation? And why do people pay more respect on models? Some models can become super-models which is highly paid and have worldwide reputation, but there isn’t any show girl have the same status like that, why? Because we see the clothes on the model but see the body of the show girl? I think to some extent, both of them have been materialized, but why the situation is worsen in the work of show girl? Can you find the problem and tell us how they can do to stop this situation?

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