Is religion necessary or not? (reject)

The necessity of Religion has been put on a question mark for hundreds of years. It is no doubt that religion have both qualities of good and bad. A thing or a conception that truly exist must have its positive and negative influence. But the word “necessity” means the need for something or something that is needed. The question is: does religion have the essential function?

When it comes to the main function of religion, we will come up with answers like maintaining social order or aiding in psychological transitions. On the other hand, when it comes to the disadvantages of religion, shackle our thoughts, fan up the crowds would be familiar answers.

Feuerbach said that religion is nothing but the knowing of perception of infinite; Or, in the understanding of the infinite, the conscious subject in its own infinite nature of instinct as the object to know. He believes that religion will damage and eliminate the most important sense of humanthe desire to pursue knowledge.

It is the age of science and technology now, what we believe is things that are found or can be proved by scientific method. Religion originally helps people to understand unknown things in nature and our daily life, for example, lightening, drought, plagues… But now religion is the concept of abstract and mysterious things. Most of the elements that construct their theory are things we have never seen before (though some people claim that they saw angels or heard the voice of God), and their existence cannot be proved.

On October 1st, 2013, there’s a religious conflict between Buddhist and Muslim in Western Myanmar. More than 800 Buddhist attack a Muslim village and burn down their houses. According to the news report from Al Jazeera, one Buddhist said the reason why they plan this attack is because a Muslim defamed Buddhism.

Last year, the civil war in Syria eventually became the religious conflict between Sunnite and Shiah.



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