First Annotation Representation's Transcript

Vivien: Umm…our topic is “Are Entrepreneurs responsible for Taiwan’s Society?”
And…according to Europe Union, the definition of corporate social responsibility is the concept of combining entrepreneurs’ concern to the society and environment to their company’s commercial activities and the relationships with their shareholders.
And…according to Carroll’s theory, he divided corporate social responsibility into four levels. The first level is economic responsibilities.

Lisa: The company has to be profitable.

Vivien: And the second level is legal responsibilities.

Lisa: The company has to obey the law.

Vivien: The third level is ethical responsibilities.

Lisa: The company has to be ethical.

Vivien: The fourth level is philanthropic responsibilities.

Lisa: The company has to be a good corporate citizen.

Vivien: And today we will focus on the economic responsibilities.

Lisa: From the book, Business & Society, the definition of economic responsibilities is: “An institution whose objective is to produce goods and services that society wants and to sell them at fair prices­prices that society thinks represent the true value of the goods and services delivered and that provide business with profits adequate to ensues its survival and growth and reward its investors.” And we think that there are three kinds of people in the society playing the important roles in the economic responsibilities of corporate social responsibility. First, I want to talk about the investors. They are closely related to the business. The major purpose is to gain profit from the successful companies. Therefore, the entrepreneurs’ responsibility to them is maintaining the regular function of the companies, and making them keep getting the adequate returns on their investments. If investors are not benefited from the business, the society will be in a state of chaos. The failure on business causes the collapse of the com…the economy, which also males the public feel afraid.

Vivien: Umm…yes, I think entrepreneurs’ goal is to maximize sales and minimize costs. But…of course entrepreneurs will do their best to…to promote growth rate and let their company gain profit. But…in the corporate social responsibility’s point of view, businessmen make their effort to let their investors gain profit. But I think not only businessmen but also most of the people in the world care about our own profit. But…umm…and so under the realistic circumstances, entrepreneurs make money for themselves, not for the investors.

Lisa: The second part is the general public. The entrepreneurs’ responsibility to the general public is making the products safe and selling them at the fair prices. According to the news in the recent years, there are many tainted foods reported on TV, which makes the general public nervous and scared. The perfect quality of products has to be guaranteed by the businessmen. Besides, the commercials cannot be exaggerated. Although the entrepreneurs want to make a profit, they cannot still deceive the general public and sacrifice the people’s health.

Vivien: Umm…as Lisa has mentioned, uh, company has to sell their pro…sell their products at fair price. But what is actua…what actually is “fair price”? Maybe you’ll say that it is the price a little higher than their costs. And, a definition said that fair price can represent the true value of the goods and services, and let businessmen earn profit simultaneously. But, the price of the goods and services should depend on the invisible hand of the market. Umm…we’re now in an era of capitalism, so…umm…the economic activities should base on supply and demand. So, for example, when the supply can’t meet the demand, the price will get higher, but the quality of the goods or services…umm, won’t become better, and is very likely to become lower. In this situation, how can entrepreneurs meet the corporate social responsibility’s expectation?

Lisa: Umm…not only the investors and the general public, employees are also the important part in the development of the business. They also need cares from entrepreneurs. The company is like a machine, and the employees are like screws, which are necessary in the operation of the machine. The entrepreneurs need employees to work for them, and employees’ living expenses depend on works. When employees are paid good salary, they will devote their hearts to works. The entrepreneurs’ responsibility to employees is giving the steady salary which corresponds with their works. Umm…in conclusion, the…the operation of the business influences the society. The healthy environment of the society is a decisive element of economic development. Therefore, the entrepreneurs have the responsibility to maintain and protect the resource and people of the society. Thank you.

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